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F.A.Q Set #01


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F.A.Q Set #01

Post by Akira on Mon 1 Jun - 23:34

Frequently Asked Questions Set #01 
Questions 1-20

    Q: How much will the Nagas Vanguard Gear cost? 
    A: It will cost between 700-1200 U.S.D.

    Q: When will the NVG come out?
    A: No more then 3 months before Nova

    Q: When Does Nova come out?  
    A: Release day is Janurary 06th 2019 or 2020- This is the estimated year-

    Q: Are any of your games limited to a certain amount of copies?
    A: At this moment in time no.

    Q: What is Nagas Vanguard Gear?  
    A: The NVG is the worlds first mass produced Full Dive helmet that stimulates all 5 senses of the user to completely immerse them in a VR world 

    Q: What is Full Dive? 
    A: Full Dive- use of stimulating a persons 5 senses for the use of a VR world

    Q: Can i be "insert character from the book" in Nova?
    A: No you can not- we encurouge you to make ur own and make history in Frey

    Q: Can I be GM for "Insert Game Name here"
    A: No you can not all GMs are handpicked by Akira, and most if not all will be Izanagi Game Team members only.

    Q: Can I join IG?
    A: No IG is closed to new applicants- if we need a job we will post in the Job Section that we have 

    Q: will you make any games that are based off animes?
    A: Only Time will tell

    Q: Where can i find the FMs?
    A: To find the FMS please go here.

    Q: Will their be skills /weapons that only 1 player can have? 
    A: Yes their will be.

    Q: Can I build a house in any of your games?
    A: Yes yes you can-

    Q: Can i pre-order "insert game name here"? 
    A: No only beta testers get the option to pre-order the game .

    Q:  What happens after Nova is beaten?
    A: Well only story mode can be beaten- as the online play is free roam with no story.

    Q: Will you trap/turn it into a death game on us?
    A: No we will not.

    Q: Can I be a beta tester in "insert game name here"?
    A: All beta testers will be randomly selected from all applications we get.

    Q: Can We have Pets in any game?
    A: Yes if u manage to tame them.

    Q: Can i build a castle in Nova?
    A: Yes you can if u have the coin.

    Q: What does Nova TDA stand for?
    A: TDA stands for The Dark Ages. 

Thank you for reading this!
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