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F.A.Q Set #02


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F.A.Q Set #02

Post by Akira on Tue 2 Jun - 1:25

Frequently asked questions #02

F.A.Q (21-40)

    Q: What is Nova
    A: Nova is a VrRpg

    Q: Will any player made homes be incorporated into Nova TDA?
    A: Yes. We will select up to 5 players with homes and incorporate them into the next games world.

    Q: If so when will it happen?
    A: Well it will be a year after nova launches.

    Q:Can we create our own original weapon skills in nova?
    A: we dont atm as we have not decided.

    Q: How many players can I play with in Nova's Co-op mode?
    A: Up to 9 players in Co-op mode

    Q: Will Races in Nova have their own unique abilities? 
    A:  Yes but as to what they are u will have to wait and see.

    Q: Is this legit.
    A: Yes this is legit- don't believe take a look at our in-game screenshot thread.

    Q: When are the updates going to happen?
    A: They happen every 2 weeks- Sunday is Nova Day! Tuesday/Wednesday is TLA and Bolt Day. whle Friday is AoNBs.

    Q: Will you guys make games for the PC/other consoles?
    A: Atm Yes (Subject to change in the future)

    Q: What is The World Engine?
    A:  The World Engine is our custom game engine.

    Q:Will you guys give out The World Engine for Free?
    A:No we will not be giving it out for free.

    Q: How much will it cost to buy a Full Dive Game?
    A: Around what a new game cost.

    Q: How much will it cost to license The World Engine?
    A: It will be in the range of 4 or 5 figures or more.

    Q: Can other companies make their own full dive games?
    A: 1: If they pay the licenses fee for The World Engine, 2: If they use Izanagis team to make it.

    Q: Can we have our own Full Dive worlds- like in Accel World?
    A: No.

    Q: Can I become an Forum Moderator(FM)?
    A: No- all FMs are hand picked from applications that are sent in between Argonous and Akira.

    Q: Do you guys have a wiki?
    A: Yes we do- you can find it here http://argusentertainment.wikia.com/wiki/Argus_Wikia

    Q: Can I donate to this project(s)?
    A: Atm no- (subject to change in the future)

    Q: Where do you guys have your Head Quarters at?
    A: Atm no where- but we will have one in the near future

    Q: Will you guys do a second console?
    A: very possible.

Thank you for reading this!
Sincerely Izanagi Games

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Re: F.A.Q Set #02

Post by Argonus on Tue 2 Jun - 9:40

Want me to do a FAQ video?


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