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3D modeler Weapons (For free, as volunteer) - Autodesk Maya, Zbrush

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3D modeler Weapons (For free, as volunteer) - Autodesk Maya, Zbrush

Post by kajper on Sun 7 Jun - 14:41

Job you're applying for- 3D weapon modling for free as a volunteer
Username- kajper (or hades if soa comes out)
RL name- Casper
Age- 16
Skills- Autodesk maya & ZBrush
Works well with others- I work well as a team
Main Language- English (UK)
Other Languages- NO
Reason you're applying- i dont need to be paid i want to be a volunteer and help the project out as i love SAO
Are you good at what you're applying for- Yes - when i finish rending some images ill send you some Smile
Would you mind going through basic training for the job you are applying for- I dont mind
How long have you supported this project- since i found out about, i was always in love with the concept from the first time a read the novels and anime in 2014.
Any previous experience working in the job you're applying for- I study the subject and ofc i do it for free Smile
How long have you known about this project- some time now, but fainaly got the guts to make a forum account
Creative-  Yes
Do you take orders well-  yes, can take orders well
Do you give orders well-  yes i can mange a group
Current Job(s)-  i had work experience  
Hours a day available to work- as a volunteer ill send my work when i can
Able to work Daily-  no, collage
Humor- yes i like jokes
Years Gaming- 8
Console/PC- PC all the way
Favorite Type of Game- World of warcraft, League of legends, Cs go, heartstone and guild wars
Love for Adventure-  yes
Reason for Gaming- i love it, it takes u away from reality and you can be a different person there
Coding Languages-  i only studyed c# pseudo code
Able to Control Seriousness-  yes
Any additional information- ill send you some of my works later on, im only good at making 3d model weapons, i studyed SAO weapon styles.
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Re: 3D modeler Weapons (For free, as volunteer) - Autodesk Maya, Zbrush

Post by SilentsBlackDesire on Sun 7 Jun - 15:44

Hi and Welcome to our Forum Kajper

Is it possible to see some pics of your 3D Models(rendered) and 1-2 not rendered screenshots?

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