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Angels of Death Organization Recruitment (AoNB only)

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Organization (AoNB): Angels of Death

Angels of Death Organization Recruitment (AoNB only)

Post by GOD on Fri 12 Jun - 17:11

Our organization was founded based off of discovery. Originally from Aincrad, the guild eventually came upon a device used to travel dimensions. When it was used, the guild and its leader were transported through time and space to a time in the history of planet Earth. Able to change history and historical events, they realized they could make a difference.

This organization was founded off of the ideals and values of the well-known guild Angels of Death. As an organization, it is our goal to ensure the safety and fun of others while having fun ourselves. In Age of New Beginnings, it is our goal to ensure the safety of world leaders that are well-respected and liked by the majority of the populace and remove other leaders that aren't or are endangering the safety of the people. Either PM me or post here if you wish to join.

NOTE: You do not have to be a member of Angels of Death, guild version to be a part of Angels of Death, organization version.

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