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Asuto FM Application

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Asuto FM Application  Empty Asuto FM Application

Post by Asuto on Thu 28 May - 13:56

1. Forum Modulator
2. Asuto The Gray Swordsman
3.Jeremy Marrero
4. 19 years old
5. Fast learner, Bilingual( English, Spanish), work under pressure, very social person, dedicated, multitasking, responsable and leadership.
6. I can work well with other because im very responsible, dedicated to help other and nice.
8.Yes( English)
9. Im applying for this job because i want to help the Argus Team in everything I can. They are working hard in the development of the game, that give them alot of work and then keep this page updated is another load. If i get the job i will give all my best to unload part of the work the Argus Team have and help others in every thing i can do.
12. Almost a month
16. None
17. 15 to 16 hours
18. Yes
19. Yea
20. 12 years
21. Consol and starting in PC
22. Any type of game
24. My reason of gaming is family problems(divorce), only child, because i got addicted since my first game xD, alot of free time and not many people have my age were a live.
25. No but willing to learn if is needed.

figth with honer, help other in anyway that i can and always figth to the end because that's who i am.

Asuto the Gray Swordsman
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Asuto FM Application  Empty Re: Asuto FM Application

Post by Kryptonate on Thu 28 May - 18:14

If your doing applying for FM, copy and paste this on the discussion me and another started so it'll look better than if we had two of the same things!

People can be weak, people can be strong. Who are you? Are you worthy of being called strong? Let's hope we'll meet during the time while I'm still down here on this world.

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