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Forum Moderator Application Empty Forum Moderator Application

Post by Immortal on Fri 5 Jun - 9:25

Now that we soon will reach 500 Members i already will send my application for forum moderator!

Job you're applying for-
Forum Moderator


RL name-





Im really good in analyze things or situations.I can adapt me fast to the new situation and based on the avaible informations i can work out a strategie.
I also have a really good endurance if necessary (not really related to sports yet), means if i really want to accomplish something i will be successful.
Last things i should mention is that im really relaxed, helpful , candid  and have big patience ( It often happens that im really thoughtfully thinking about certain things).

Works well with others-

Yes i always used to be nice and fair to my fellows also try to make a relaxed atmosphere but also make sure we dont lose sight of our goal.

Main Language-

Other Languages-


Reason you're applying-

Im following this forum now already since some time now and got entrained of the excitement. The topics are all intersting, the community is really nice and you weekly get updated about the current stuff. My main reason to become a forum moderator is to help  you guys out here (already doing this when i can xD) also show my gratitude to argus for their hard work on this project and additionally have the chance to beta test Sao.

Are you good at what you're applying for-

Would you mind going through basic training  for the job  you are applying for-

Dont think its necessary but if i must its ok for me.

How long have you supported this project-

Since 27.3.2015 (my birthday btw xD)

Any previous experience working in the job you're applying for-
Yes i already and also currently are some kind of moderator of a game. 
We have our own chats  im the leader of a Guild with 40 people and also manage the chat  (Sort out notes and make sure there are no insults or fraud)
Also helps out sometimes in a merger of guildes with over 100 people (Most of these people are Guild Leaders)

How long have you known about this project-

Also since 27.3.2015


Do you take orders well-


Do you give orders well-


Current Jobs (s)-

No not really finished college   and atm im learning for my final examination.

Hours a day available
 to work-
Now about 10-15 hours later after my final examination 5-8 hours towards evening. 

Able to work Daily- 




Years Gaming- 

12 Years

Console PC-


Favorite Type of Game-

All kind of Mmorpgs and Rpgs, ego shooter, survival games and real-time strategie games.

Love for Adventure-


Reason for Gaming-

There are so many it would last forever to list them but here are some main reasons: Im bored of this world also of life and everyday life and cant find a life goal that would make all this worth. Also i personally have the feeling that there runs a way too much wrong in this big world ,there are also a way too much problems and the solutions are all false, short world is just a deception and fake for me so i prefer virtual Worlds because they are honest and uncomplicated also there is no need to be deceptive. This maybe sound frightful or sad but i dont want lie.

Coding Languages-
No but if its really requiered i will try to learn.

Able to Control Seriousness-

Yes absolutely, i really like it to joke with others and have fun but i know there is a point where fun ends.

Previous Jobs-
Yes i worked in companies during holidays as mechanical engineer (since this was my Branch of Education)  to earn some money  

I dont care about my life i only want justice ...

Legends tell of a day,
when the world fell into dismay.
I will rise up from zero,
to become the Hero.
Humanity will cheer,
as I march to the frontier.

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