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ExtraLoad's application

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ExtraLoad's application Empty ExtraLoad's application

Post by ExtraLoad on Fri 5 Jun - 10:46

Here it goes!

Job you're applying for- Forum moderator
Username- ExtraLoad
RL name- Jure
Age- 17
Skills- Loyal, Organised, Drum player.
Works well with others- Depends on the group, if the group is working then no problem, if the group is lazy then I rather work alone.
Main Language- Slovene
Other Languages- Yes, English, a bit of Italian and Deutsch
Reason you're applying- As stated I like stuff organised, I think personally that this forum lacks in that.
Are you good at what you're applying for- I don't know, never been a FM before, but I see no problems being one.

Would you mind going through basic training for the job you are applying for- I wouldn'd mind.
How long have you supported this project- Since I joined the forum.
Any previous experience working in the job you're applying for- No
How long have you known about this project- Since the 1st forum.
Creative- Not really
Do you take orders well-  Depends on the orders. ( I won't jump out of the window if someone ordered me too)
Do you give orders well-  I personally belive, yes
Current Job(s)-  None, our economy sucks in Slovenia
Hours a day available to work- From 16.00 to 22.00 every day of the week ( This may vary due to some test in school next year)
Able to work Daily- Yes
Humor- Depends, what kind of humor. I can't stick with bad puns, I love jokes.
Years Gaming- 10
Console/PC- My preferable console is Ps3 atm, but also have a N3DS and a PC
Favorite Type of Game- RPG, Third-person open world games, Some MMORPGs ( depends on how well they are made)
Love for Adventure-  Depends... I wouldn't love my adventure to death
Reason for Gaming- I am often nervous and gaming helps me with that.
Coding Languages-  Small amount of javascript and Java
Able to Control Seriousness-  Yes
Previous Jobs-  No
Any additional information - Yes. I would change the looks in the forum. I would put on home page 4 diffrfent forum option, if it said so. I would make an Argus (Game system, Boltz chips set, News, FAQ) 2nd Argus games( SAO, ALO, NOVA, The Lost Ages, any other games), 3rd Off-topic ( Random discussion, Artwork, Ideas), 4th Contribution to Argus (Jobs). That would be my goal as a forum moderator

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