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Model for the Forums Empty Model for the Forums

Post by Guest on Mon 8 Jun - 1:52

Hello fine sir, it has recently been brought to my attention that I would do well as the Argus forums model. Whilst on a video call with Auren and Jose, I changed into an SAO shirt. At which point, Jose tried to be a little fuck boi and screenshot, and call me a weeaboo for the shirt, me but failed. Auren then said that I should be a model for the Argus forums, which has led to this. I graciously ask you to accept me as the face for the forums. When you message me back, specify if you want samples of my modeling.
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Model for the Forums Empty Re: Model for the Forums

Post by Kyoya on Mon 8 Jun - 6:55

No! Why do we need a face and if anyone would be it should be Aki! It is his company

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