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Important-Announcement 11-12-2015


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Important-Announcement 11-12-2015 Empty Important-Announcement 11-12-2015

Post by Akira on Thu 12 Nov - 22:33

So Everyone, as of this week, we at Izanagi will be doing updates on all our games every 2 weeks. What this means is,

1: instead of something small we can give out larger better qualitied updates to you guys.
so ie: Nova update this week- shark- untextured- then a couple days later i got the textured version posted- well that wont be happening again unless on rare occasions (we hope)

2: by larger updates i mean, instead of just showing off 1 thing, we will be showing off a couple things, such as models, and art, and in-game screenshots-

3: We did this so that way we could save ourselves some time to work or even have a bit more free time to our self, plus some of our members time scheduled are starting to change- not drastically.

4: btw the new music is out- its called "A Born World" by the13thNobody


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