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Kritical's Application Updated

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Kritical's Application Updated Empty Kritical's Application Updated

Post by Kritical on Fri 1 Jan - 11:12

Job you're applying for- Forum Mod
Username- Kritical
RL name- Trenton Pressgrove
Age- 13
Skills- Gaming-3dModeling-drawing
Works well with others- Well you could say I do but some times not so well.
Main Language- English
Other Languages- Yes a little Japenese and Mexican
Reason you're applying - Because I would like to help the forum be a happy place and a place with all positive place for all the people
Are you good at what you're applying for- Yes
Would you mind going through basic training for the job you are applying for- No
How long have you supported this project- For some years now
Any previous experience working in the job you're applying for- Yes, With other forums.
How long have you known about this project- for about as long as I have been supporting it.
Creative-  Yes
Do you take orders well-  Yes-ish
Do you give orders well-  Yes
Current Job(s)-  Ntm
Hours a day available to work- 3+
Able to work Daily-  Yes
Humor- I have to think about that for a moment.
Years Gaming- 6-7
Console/PC- PC ftw
Favorite Type of Game- pretty much all kinds
Love for Adventure-  Yes
Reason for Gaming- Because I have a love for Gaming and I think that I can start a new life in every game.
Coding Languages- Ntm
Able to Control Seriousness-  Yes
Previous Jobs-  No
Any additional information- I would love to join the team and help all the people of IG to be a better place.

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Kritical's Application Updated Empty Re: Kritical's Application Updated

Post by Akira on Fri 1 Jan - 13:44

sorry all FM spots are taken atm

Kritical's Application Updated Kob_em11 Kritical's Application Updated <a href=Kritical's Application Updated Tumblr10" />
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