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Application for when its needed (forum mod, anything)

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Application for when its needed (forum mod, anything) Empty Application for when its needed (forum mod, anything)

Post by Kryptonate on Fri 1 Jan - 19:36

Job you're applying for- Forum Mod
Username- Kryptonate
RL name- Nate Crawford
Age- 13
Skills- Ill have to say my best skills is figuring out problems and surfing the web to answer questions and help the things i'm associated with.
Works well with others- definitely, that is unless some reason.
Main Language- English
Other Languages- not at the moment, will change later
Reason you're applying-i know that i can help the online comunity, and i need a job. (NOT FOR PAY)
Are you good at what you're applying for- i'd say im pretty good at this job
Would you mind going through basic training for the job you are applying for- yes, even if i don't get it
How long have you supported this project- 2 years now
Any previous experience working in the job you're applying for- no
How long have you known about this project- 7 months now (wow)
Creative- Yes, i luv to create things for fun
Do you take orders well- yes, if its reasonable or for the greater good.
Do you give orders well- yes (I'd say im a pretty good roleplayer XD [this is not what im basing it on])
Current Job(s)- i want this job so i have a real job (i want no pay if i do[i know there isnt one anyway])
Hours a day available to work-
Able to work Daily- i depends whats happened because somestuff is not preventable but i try to fit time in anyway
Humor- yes
Years Gaming- -.- lets see... 7 years
Console/PC- mac, windows 7, xbox 1, wii/wiiu/3ds
Favorite Type of Game- all, but rpg and mmo's are my top two, barely
Love for Adventure- YASS
Reason for Gaming- i like games, im not always able to have my friends over
Coding Languages- no, i want to learn, (hopefully you guys can full on give me lessons)
Able to Control Seriousness- Yes
Previous Jobs- nope, not old enough, yet.
Any additional information- I've been here a long time, since i believed since around 300 members and i've watched this company grow for a while (7 months is a lot [ill be on till the end, if i haven't post for a while, msg me to get back online, away from my reality]) and i hope to make this community better and contribute to it. that's all.


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Application for when its needed (forum mod, anything) Empty Re: Application for when its needed (forum mod, anything)

Post by Kritical on Fri 1 Jan - 19:59

Hey same for my Application just when it's needed

[img(400px,400px)]Application for when its needed (forum mod, anything) Dark_b18[/img]

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