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F.A.Q Set #03


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F.A.Q Set #03

Post by Akira on Tue 2 Jun - 11:26

Frequently Asked Questions #3

    Q: How do I buy the games?
    A: In our online store for a hard copy, or Full Dive Store- for a digital copy, or you can pick one up at our HQ.

    Q: Will you guys do Medicubiod?
    A: Only time will tell. 

    Q: Will you guys make The Soul Translator?
    A: Only time will tell

    Q: Will you guys make a full dive game like Fifa? 
    A: Not likely as Argus is more into fantasy games then sports.

    Q: Why do you guys keep secrecy top priority? 
    A: Once something lose's its mystery its not really fun to play again, that and their is no need for players/consumers to know everything.

    Q: What was meant by Androids?
    A: We call them Avatar Androids (AA) it is a project that is being/will be worked on by Argus Robotics.

    Q: How many people work on these projects?
    A: Its not the size of the team that matters, its what that team can do.

    Q: How many GMs are their for your games?
    A: We will have 12 of them in all our games.

    Q: Will we have the NVG in schools?
    A:  I would love to have the NVG in schools/ even have Full dive schools themselves. 

    Q: Will i be able to record for my YouTube channel during the Beta of B.o.T?
    A: No you will not- If we find leaked images/videos- we will find the person responsible and ban them from the rest of the beta test.

    Q: Can We record videos in SAO?
    A: Yes you can, with a limit of 10 minutes of video for each Crystal that you have.

    Q: Is the beta of (insert game name here) closed or open?
    A: All our beta test will be closed.

    Q: Will (insert game name here) have mods/DLC?
    A: No most/if not all will never have any dlc or mods.

    Q: Will any of ur games have the ESRB Rating on them?
    A: We at Argus do not believe another party should rate any of our games.

    Q: Can i duel wield in SAO?
    A: Only if u obtain the unique skill (only 1 person gets that skill)

    Q: Can we duel wield in ALO?
    A: Yes- since ALO does not have a skill system like SAO Does.





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