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Post by Akira on Sun 21 Feb - 13:55

"The basic premise is an alternate future where a failed scientific experiment releases something called the "Kami no Ryuushi", or "God Particle". When coming into contact with that particle, certain humans will develop superpowers, turning into a being the world now calls Kami. These Kami decided that they wanted to rule the world, so they started killing off all normal humans (as you can see, we don't take this story all that seriously Razz). Naturally against this, the humans decided to fight against the Kami, designing several different mech suits to give regular humans that kind of strength. The mech suits are about the size of an SAO boss, not human sized but not too big as to make fighting humans difficult.

The game itself is what I'm considering a fighting game redesigned for fulldive, with a bit of an Izanagi Games twist on it. Instead of traditional fighting game characters, you'll have the option to chose a "class" of fighter (a type of Kami or a type of mech robot) that each have different strengths and weaknesses. From there, you'll design your own character MMORPG style, as well as chose between a large set of possible abilities and weapons for your character to personalize him/her to your fighting style. Mech users can have different paint designs for their mech, as well as some variation on parts, but won't be able to change things like the pilot's clothes (since you'll be in a military uniform). The stages will be 3d, fairly large, and 100% destructable (think the solo stages from GGO's BOB Tournament, but set in this game's world), and battles will be highly mobile (all characters will have access to utility powers on top of their basic offensive powers, such as grapple guns and levitation spells, to make traveling around the 3 dimensional battlefields easier).

Even though the game has the Kami vs. Mech premise in its lore, you can have any combination character class fight any other character class in-game, just like regular fighting games let you pick which characters to fight against each other (even if they're technically friends in the fighter's lore). The game will have the genre staples of ranked and unranked solo matches, but will also include ranked and unranked team matches (most likely 3v3 and 5v5, but that's all based on our playtesting of the game and what team sizes make for fun, competitive team battles), and something we're calling a "Battle Arena" where we put a huge number of players (probably like 100 or so) into a larger than normal map and have them try to kill the opposing team. The Battle Arenas are really going to be just for the fun hecticness of such huge battles, so you can join or leave a match at any time as well as respawn whenever you are killed, and the only way to know whose winning is to look at the kill count for the two teams. There will almost certainly be more game modes than that, but that's all we're certain we want to include atm." -(Nomaru)

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